About Discount Pet Meds

At Discount Pet Meds we provide quality medication at discounted prices, because we care for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

You go to your local pharmacy for your medications because you trust your pharmacist, and it's no different for your pets.

We carry all branded medications sold at your vet's.
As a licensed pharmacy, we only dispense medicines registered by the TGA/APVMA, meaning they are approved for sale within Australia (the same exact medications sold by your veterinarian).

As with all licensed pharmacies, our products and facilities are regularly inspected. Our pet pharmacy takes the same special care with your pet's prescriptions as your local pharmacy takes with your own prescriptions.

  • Ensure the accurate dispensing of your pet's prescriptions
  • Ensure products have valid expiration dates
  • Suggest generics to help you save money

We are here to make your Pet Medication more affordable.


Nancy Abadir (B.Pharm) - Pharmacist In Charge

Nancy acquired her Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Sydney, registering as a Pharmacist in 1999. Since then she has worked in various retail pharmacies in NSW including owning her own Pharmacy in Lane Cove in 2007. Nancy has been working with Pet Medications since 2014, and realises the struggles many Australian Pet owners face when it comes to the affordability of their pet medications. "Discount Pet Meds is a great service to help people obtain affordable medications for their pets to live long and healthy lives".

coco chanel

Coco & Chanel - Pharmacy Assistants

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